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PCV/ST Dog Rules

·Can I bring my dog anywhere I want outside?
No. Pets aren’t allowed on the grass or landscaped areas or within playgrounds. This means pets are not allowed on the Oval. Also, pets may not be tied up to any fences or fixtures, including those at playgrounds. Whenever on the Property or in a Building, pets must wear their ST/PCV-issued pet tag identifying the pet as registered.
·Who will be responsible for cleaning up after pets?
Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Any solid pet waste must be picked up and properly disposed of.
·What kinds of pets are allowed?
For now, the policy allows cats and dogs only.
·Which dog breeds are acceptable?
We will limit breeds that tend to be aggressive (e.g. Doberman, Rottweiler, pit bull, German shepherd, Chow-Chows, etc.), though permission for a particular dog will always be at the landlord’s discretion and Landlord reserves the right to change the list of prohibited dogs. Also, any dog likely to weigh more than 80 pounds at maturity will not be allowed.
·How many pets can I have?
No more than two. Keep in mind though that just because we permit one pet in your apartment doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll allow another. Also, the weight of all the pets in your apartment will be aggregated, and must not exceed the 80 lb. weight limit.
·Is there a size/weight limit?
Pets must not exceed 80 lbs. at maximum weight. In the case of multiple pets, the pets’ weights will be added together and must not exceed 80 lbs.
·How do I know that other pets on the property are safe?
All pets must be licensed by the City of New York. They must also have appropriate yearly shots and the pet-owners are responsible for ensuring such shots are up to date.
·What if someone gets hurt by a pet?
Attend to the injured person and let security know as soon as possible.
·What if my neighbor has a dog that won’t stop making noise?
Treat this as a regular noise complaint. If the pet owner refuses to comply with our rules and regulations, we may under rare circumstances have to evict the pet.
·What should I do with used kitty litter?
It should be stored in a neatly sealed bag and brought to the recycling area to be placed in the refuse bin. Do not put used kitty litter down the trash chute.
·Where can I bring my dog to play?
There are several dog runs near the property, including (1) Tompkins Square Park, located on East 9th Street at Avenue B, (2) Stuyvesant Square, located on East 15th Street between First and Second Avenues, and (3) Union Square Dog Run, located at West 15th Street and Union Square West.
·Are there any fees for having a pet?
Yes. Market-rate tenants must pay a $250 per pet fee at the time of pet registration.

A full description of rules and regulations governing pet ownership at ST/PCV is included in the lease rider that all pet-owners are required to sign. If you have any questions, call the ST/PCV Pet Hotline at 212-614-5817.

from text posted on resident site 4/08

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