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pcvstdog has two goals: to inspire pcv/st dog lovers to participate in our local community of dog owners, and to influence our landlord into making good on the promise of a genuinely dog-friendly environment.

To submit a story or article, or if you’d like to repurpose your content for, please use the submission guidelines below to get your piece the attention it deserves.

Please e-mail all submissions and contributor suggestions to: devdog [at] pcvstdog [dot] com with your name, contact information, and category (story, article, other) in the subject line.


Stories are based on an individual’s experience- yours or someone else’s, issues and any lessons or tools you’ve learned about the privilege of canine companionship. (400 words minimum, 1st or 3rd person).

Articles are original or repurposed content like blog posts, excerpts from books or magazines related to  health, training, walking, loving, feeding, caring for dogs, and anything related. (450 words minimum, 1st or 3rd person).

Use current issues as an example. Be honest, real, and specific so that we know what makes your story special.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog but have an idea that doesn’t fit into the above, we still want to hear from you. Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.

All submissions will be reviewed by our editor, who reserves the right to edit submissions and will notify you if we’d like to publish your piece.

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